My Right Ear Has a Keloid and my Left Ear is Stretched, I Want to Get All of This Fixed? (photo)

What's the Price? What Doctor Should I go to? I have had my ears gauged for a long time; My right ear blew out completely about 2 years ago. I've been dying to get rid of it but I'm not sure what doctor I should go to... a Plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.. I want my ear lobes to look normal again. no stretched lobes or keloid. oh and what's the average cost?

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Your earlobe problem is fixable

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When treating earlobe keloids which are large and visibly distracting I usually excise them surgically and then reconstruct the earlobe to create a normal shape.  In addition, a cortisone injection may help prevent recurrence.  This is usually quite effective but there is always a chance the keloid may come back. There are other options as well but these are more involved and usually not popular with patients.   I have included a link to some that I have done which may be helpful in understanding the procedure.

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Earlobe repair and keloid treatment

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Earlobe tear or widening repairs are simple outpatient procedures much like keloid excisions. With keloids, excision alone is not sufficient as the recurrence for keloids is high. Therefore, keloid excision are followed by either steroid injections or radiation treatments.

Earlobe Repair and Keloid Treatment

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Thank you for the question and your photos. Prices for earlobe repair in the San Francisco Bay Area range from $250 to $600, depending on complexity. Treatment of keloids can include surgery, injections, topical medications, and special wound dressings. The price, therefore, is variable and depends on the exact treatment strategy that you select with your qualified surgeon.

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