What Are my Options Besides Traditional Braces? (16 Year Old Girl)

My two front teeth are both slightly crooked (both by different degree) & I also have a gap between them (1/4 cm by gums & 1/2 cm at bottom). I'm on a smaller budget because my family's insurance will not cover it & we don't have much money to spend. I have anxiety & am VERY uncomfortable with the thought of braces on my teeth 24/7 for an unknown amount of time. I understand they must be fixed & will take time but want something I can control/take off if I'm having pain or discomfort. Please help!

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16 Year old with braces

Like the previous doctors, without visually seeing how the teeth line up, the bite, and position of the jaws, a true treatment option could not be determined.  It sounds like you want to be in control of taking off or stopping treatment when you want to.  With any orthodontic treatment, you will have some uncomfortable periods because your teeth are actually moving into a different position.  Every one of my patients in invisalign patients understands that they have to wear them 22-23 hours per day.  If they do not, they will not get the results they want and will not be able to wear the next set of trays.  If any patient is not in compliance with wearing them, they risk having to start over and an additional fee for doing so.  So I would suggest you only get orthodontics when you feel ready to commit to the full treatment.  Good luck. 

Teenager with an upper gap and twisted front teeth

Your daughter may have an active fraenum attachment above the 2 front teeth.
The soft tissue is a muscle attachment that can pull the 2 teeth apart, creating the space.

You should let your orthodontist assess this and Invisalign would be ideal for this small problem.

I CERTAINLY WOULD NOT recommen veneers or bondings (that stain )

Treatment options

The only other option you have to straighten your teeth with something that is removable would be Invisalign, but your orthodontist would need to determine if your problem is correctible with it. Invisalign is limited at what it can do so it is not an option for everyone.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist
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Ortho options

Without a photo its tough to tell.  Options might include Invisalign, veneers, or direct bonding to reshape the teeth and close the spaces.  my advice would be to discuss the above with your dentist.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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