ClearCorrect Trays Have Gap Between the Edge of my Teeth and the Plastic. Is This Normal?

I am on my first tray of ClearCorrect and something doesn't seem right. I have a small gap between the edge of my teeth and where the tray fits to the point where you can see the plastic. I asked my dentist about this and she said it will conform to my teeth eventually, but I am on the third day and it doesn't seem to be moving at all. Is this normal?

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No Gaps Should Be Visible Between the Edges of Your Teeth and Your Clear Correct Trays

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If your first tray of your Clear Correct case has a gap between the visible edges of your teeth and the plastic aligners something is drastically wrong.  If this is also your third day and no movement has occurred with the edge positioning, I think it might be a good idea to tell your dentist to stop the case.  It seems like there was an error somewhere between the impression and the fabrication of the tray.  Sorry but back to square one.

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Clear Correct (Invisalign alternative)

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It sounds like the impression (molds) of your teeth got distorted somehow, or something unfavorable happened during the fabrication process of the tray, because normally the first tray with Clear Correct or Invisalign fits very accurately.  Usually its not until later in treatment that gaps could appear if the treatment is not going ideal or the patient is not wearing them properly.   

Clear Correct

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Celar correct is a little cheaper in lab fee than invisalign.  I tried it twice and I don't like it at all.  I'd suggest you bail on the CC and go to invisalign.  It works much better.

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