What Are my Options to Fixing my Open Bite? (photo)

I have an open bite and have one for a while. I want to avoid getting TMJ problems, but I don't know what my options are. I'm hoping maybe the new Invisalign model could fix my issue. Thank you for your time.

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Closing an Open Bite

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Hi there - it is a challenging case. You need an experienced orthodontist with a good reputation among dentists....he or she may suggest extractions, fixed braces and possibly jaw surgery.

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Extreme open bite

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The open bite could be a skeletal discrepancy, tongue force problem or a tooth discrepancy. In your case it looks like a bit of the latter 2.

If your back teeth, especially the wisdom teeth touch prematurely then I would confirm this and remove them. 

If the tongue is not especially large then the upper and lower teeth can be pulled back and inwards, but you may need 4 teeth removed and also fixed retainers.

I have done a similar case where 2 upper premolars were removed and Invisalign used.

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