I'm 13 yr old girl. Is Invisalign Right For Me? (photo)

I'm A 13 Year Old Girl And I Wanted To Know If Invisalign Is Right For Me. I'm A Typical Teenager I Don't Want Braces And I Want To Straighten My Teeth. Do I Qualified For Invisalign?

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Invisalign an option

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You do have a lot of crowding but I have completed invislign cases with more crowding successfully but the issue I have is that you are only 13 years old.  If you are confident that you would diligent in wearing the trays as requested I would find a certified provider in your area to let you know if you are a good candidate



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You Have Better Options

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Due to the extent of your crowding you would be better suited to treatment beyond the scope of Invisalign. If all you want is straight teeth then Invisalign might give you adequate results but if you want to insure that your face is developed to its full genetic potential and your jaw joints and airway are healthy for life then you need to consider a much more comprehensive treatment that will focus not only on straight teeth but your overall health and facial beauty.

Good luck!

Invisalign not the best choice

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I would prefer to avoid regular braces if I were you. However, from the photos that you posted, it appears that your roots are not well aligned. This is much harder to fix with Invisalign so you are more likely to have a mediocre result and more likely to have the teeth go crooked after the treatment is done.

Robert Penning, DMD
Toronto Dentist

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