How Long Will the One Invisilign Retainer Included in my Treatment Last?

Should I be taking any precautions in cleaning/caring for it so that it will last longer? Can I go to any orthodontist to order more or must I return to the original? Since no mention was made of Vivera or a subscription of more than one set, (my doctor simply said that they would order them from Invisilign and the cost was included in the price of my treatment), I'm wondering what happens when this set has worn out.

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Invisalign Retainers and Hidden Costs?

Invisalign retainers by Vivera are supplied to you every three months for 2 years for a fee.  Often times, patients are not told by their dentist thhey will be in retainers for the rest of their life after their invisalign procedure. It is a neccessary to keep the teeth in place so they do not move back to where they were before you started invisalign! My suggestion is, if you are having a hard time affording the expense of the vivera retainers, go with a conventional acrylic retainer that will last at least 5 years or more. It may not be as comfortable as the invisalign retainers, but make sure you wear the retainer!  Your teeth will not stay in place and will naturally move back if you do not use some form of retention for the rest of your life.

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How Long For invisalign retainer

Invisalign retainers generally last only a few months.  Invisalign has the Vivera plan where they supply you with a new retainer every 3 months for 2 years for a fee.  Alternatively you could go with conventional retainers made from acrylic which typically last 5-10 years with proper care.  I usually steer my patients in this direction.  You can use efferdent to help keep the retainers clean and fresh

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I recommend Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers, made by Invisalign, will automatically be shipped to you every 3 months. The first set will be shipped to the dentist to make sure the fit is correct, but the subsequent sets will be mailed directly to you. The original orthodontist or general dentist who did the invisalign treatment can order them very simply from the records he already has. If you wish to go to a different dentist, he will either have to take new impressions, or else have your invisalign records transferred from the original dentist. I feel that 3-6 months is the limit of the original invisalign retainers.

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