I Think my Internal Sutures Are Slowly Coming Out?

I had a 360 tummy tuck done about 7 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a stitch was poking out of my side... it was pulling on my clothe, so I put a band aid over it. I also noticed there was blood and some kind of liquid coming out of it. I applied Neosporin, and it has not helped at all! The area is red, warm to the touch, and now there are 3 little holes with blood and white yellowish liquid coming out. What is this? Is there anything I can do at home to alleviate this problem?

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Suture knot abscess

Based on your description you most likely have a suture abscess.  This is due to a suture knot becoming infected.  In order to get this area to heal the suture needs to be removed.  

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Stitch abscess

Based on your description, you have stitch abscesses.  When the suture works its way out of skin, it breaks and irritates the skin and makes the "red, warm to touch, bloody/yellow liquid."  When the suture falls out, dissolves, or gets taken out, the problem will resolve.  You should go see your plastic surgeon to examine you.

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I Think my Internal Sutures Are Slowly Coming Out?

It is not uncommon for the sutures to "spit" when they reach the surface before they have dissolved.  What you describe are often called "stitch abcesses" and they resolve when either the suture is removed, falls out, or dissolves. 

What you should do is see your surgeon to have any of these removed, and evaluated for any other treatment needed, such as antibiotics, though that is seldom needed. 

All the best. 

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Stitches Coming To Surface After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Based on your description, you are likely dealing with several “stitch  abscesses”. Your description of redness, warmth, and drainage is consistent with localized inflammation around the stitches used.  Usually, these issues are self-limited;  once the  stitch is gone or removed, the inflammation subsides.  Make sure that you are following up with your plastic surgeon, who may be to expedite the process by removing an offending stitch, if necessary.

 Best wishes.

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I Think my Internal Sutures Are Slowly Coming Out?

    I would see your surgeon to assess this situation and determine if a suture should be removed to help with this.




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