Is my Home Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding my Gums?

I see other questions on here but none that fit my description. I used a bleaching gel kit(44%) with a retainer three days in a a row until the third day i experienced mild stinging as well as small areas of my gums turning white. I'm assuming because of maybe tiny lacerations on my gums. The next day i had white puss like residue over the areas that were stinging and i was able to rub it off. I think it caused small receding, If so will it grow back? or should i stop and go to a dentist?

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Check fitting of trays and amount of bleaching solution

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It seems like that your bleaching solution is running off on the gums. Need to have proper reservoir(bleaching tray) for it and make sure that you are putting bleaching solution in the center of tray like a small dot rather than filling it.

Frisco Dentist

Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding Gums

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You should see your dentist to check the fit of the tray and also only apply a drop to each tooth well.  Adding too much bleach to the resevoir will cause it to overflow onto your gum.  The tissue should recover and grow back.  I advise to add some Vitamin E to the area.  You can take a Vitamine E capsule and break open the contents of the capsule and apply to the burned white area.  Good luck!

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Home Teeth Bleaching and Receding Gums

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It sounds like you are putting too much bleach into the trays and it is "burning" your gums. Have your dentist check the fit of the trays and make sure you are applying the bleach properly.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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