24 Hours After Whitening, my Two Front Teeth Have Yellow Stains and Yellow Streaks. I Eat White Food Only?

I have completed 4 weeks of teeth whitening using take-home custom-made trays from my dentist. I used 10% and 16% carbamide ( mostly 10%, only used 16% for 5 days ). My teeth looked perfect. Just 10 hours later I noticed one small, faint stain on the bottom of one tooth.Next day , there were more stains ,3 days later , pretty much entire surface of two main front teeth was covered in yellowish stains and streaks.My dentist was puzzled .I ate white food only.

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Yellow stains after whitening

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Without seeing your mouth it would be difficult to give you any concrete answers.  I am a little curious what a "white food only" diet would be like, I envision a meal of crustless wonder bread, milk, and pepermint tic tacs.  Even white foods will have dye in them often times.  If you are a tea drinker, tea will still stain regardless it's color.  Often we see yellow stains with smokers and coffee/tea drinkers.  You might see if your dentist can polish your teeth, if the stain removes it is likely from foods, liquids, or tobacco use.

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Yellow tartar on the teeth after whitening

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From your description it sounds that some micro fractures occurred in your central teeth and were filled with coffee/tea. The recommendation will be just to continue to whiten the teeth and avoid colored drinks

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