Is There a Way to Whiten my Teeth Even Though I Was Born Without Enamel?

I was born with some condition where my teeth have no enamel. This makes my teeth sensitive as it is and disgustingly yellow. I brush my teeth regularly with whitening toothpastes that don't have baking soda but it hasn't helped out much. Is there any way to get whiter teeth? If I need a dentist how much would you think it would cost

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Teeth with no enamel

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Not having enamel , or not having enough of it, causes multiple problems and symptoms  I am not sure how old you are, but whitening is not the only problem. the only permanent and long lasting solution is full mouth reconstruction. Most of my patients who have undergone this process, did it on payment plans like Care Credit. I had a patient who took a line of equity on his house, so that his payments would be deductible. its like buying a Car about 30K . You would buy that in payments .  So do not waste your tie and endure sensitivity and enjoy a greater quality of life and save up for a full mouth reconstruction. tehre is not easy way out of this, I am sorry to say....

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Is There a Way to Whiten my Teeth Even Though I Have Bad Enamel?

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The color of your smile is affected by two factors: how light or dark the central part of your teeth are (the dentin), and the clarity (or translucency) of the enamel that covers the outside. People with the whitest teeth have a fairly light center color, and then enamel that is opaque and hides that central color even more.

Since you have no enamel, you have a difficult situation. I have treated other patients like you and your's is not a routine case. What has worked for other people just may not work for you.

I would visit with a cosmetic dentist first, before wasting your money and time on a bunch of whitening products.

Not having enamel will have life-long implications. As you know there are other medical issues associated with this syndrome as well. In some cases, I have seen medical insurance pay for teeth reconstruction, so you  might want to look into that.

Ultimately, bonding might be able to get your teeth whiter and smoother.

If the damage  (or lack of enamel formation) is substantial, you may wind up needing crowns. If so then you can have your teeth as light as you wish!

Enamel hypoplasia

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If the enamel was not formed properly that means that the teeth are not protected from cold, heat, bacteria, etc. The bleaching is contraindicated in your situation, and you definitely should avoid baking soda! The dentin underneath the enamel is a much softer layer which can be damaged with abrasives. In your case full coverage crowns will be the best option, that can save your teeth for a longer time.

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Whitening Teeth that have NO Enamel

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If you truly have NO enamel, then bleaching products will NOT work on your teeth. You might have to consider full coverage crowns.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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