My front teeth cracked after dental bonding, now my teeth are sensitive and sore. What should I do?

I had bonding on my 4 front teeth for cosmetic reson,mostly at edges to close the gaps. They chipped in less than a week. I went back 8 days later to get them fixed,they end up so thin and sharp plus he drilled my teeth without using water so I felt heat and so much pain. I had to stop him twice, I was leaving the country that night, now a month later there are deep painful craks on them.he did not check my bite either. my teeth are so sensitive and soar.please help!!

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My front teeth cracked after dental bonding, now my teeth are sensitive and sore. What should I do?

If you do not have trust and confidence in your dentist, or do not like the cosmetic dentistry that he did it would probably be best that you get an evaluation from another dentist.  It would be impossible to diagnose your situation without examining you.

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Cracked front teeth...

Hello there,
A photo would be helpful, but from what you've expressed, it sounds like you spent money trying to cosmetically correct your teeth with dental bonding.  The first thing that I tell my patients is that dental bonding on the biting surfaces of your front upper teeth is not ideal and likely to fracture in a short period of time.  When they fracture, they can sometimes cause you to loose more tooth structure because often times, part of your tooth fractures off with the bonding material.  I always recommend veneers or crowns for patients trying to cosmetically correct their upper front teeth.  In your case, I would recommend the crowns or veneers (too bad I don't have a photo to consider).  I would not recommend repeatedly getting your teeth bonded because it will not prevent repeated chipping or cracking and could hurt your teeth more in the long run.  Veneers and crowns typically costs between $1,200 to $2,000 for single teeth (and usually a lot less per tooth when a person gets multiple teeth done at one time), depending on your region, but sometimes, it's best to travel for the right cosmetic dentist and the right price.  You don't want the cheapest price by just any dentist; you want the best job and the cheapest price by an exceptional cosmetic dentist.

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