What can I do about my non-existent jawline and double chin? (Photo)

I'm only 18, and I've put on weight during my bulimia recovery, but my jawline has become a total mess. I have naturally plump, round cheeks. I don't mind the roundness and chubbiness of my face, I just want to remove the double-chin look and give myself a decent side profile. I'm terrified of surgery... I read about so many horror stories... I'd just like to know what my options are... I'm all for injections, those don't scare me! I just don't know about lip, meso, etc...

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Be cautious

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Congratulations on your recovery from your bulemia. Your jawline is not a total mess at all, you do not have a double chin, and your profile looks fine. Your life is changing a lot, and this is a bad time for your to be considering cosmetic surgery. Wait a few years and reassess when things are more stable.

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

No chin surgery for 18-year-old recovering from bulimia

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You are very young and most likely emotionally fragile as you recover from your bulimia.

This is not the time to have surgery.  Your profile is not a mess and you are a very pretty young lady. I'm sure those around you find your Fuller face much prettier and appealing then when you were much thinner.

Having liposuction of the neck or a chin implant is an invasive procedure that will do little to change your self image but may stress you to the point of relapse.

Continue on your recovery which is wonderful.  Delay any thoughts of modifying your facial appearance until you are several years away from your current situation.

Double chin?

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Thank you for your picture. Your chin and jawline angle looks fine. I would not recommend any procedures for you. You do have a mildly weak chin but I would not address that at this point until you are a little older and completely recovered from your eating disorder. Good luck.

Girl Stephenson Jr MD DDS FA CS

What can I do about my non-existent jawline and double chin?

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You might be a candidate for a chin implant and ThermiTight RF with Lipo of the sub mental area. Or you could try 2 cc's of Juvederm Voluma (off label area) to chin as a filler implant... 

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