My Ears Feel Plugged Up Almost Constantly. I Had a Mini Facelift 10 Months Ago, Normal?

My ears feel plugged up and I am always trying to clear them by blowing out and holding my nose. I hear a crackling sound usually, but it doesn't relieve the pressure. I have to drive up and down at different elevations to go to and from work 5 days a week, but I never experienced this problem until after several months after the mini facelift. It was 10 months ago and I still have pain behind my ears when I press on it. Could scar tissue be part of the problem? What can I do?

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Contact an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor for consultation

It is a good idea to contact an ENT to ensure their isn't a blood clot around the ear area. Contact your surgeon for a referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Good luck!

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Plugged Ears after Mini Facelift

Scar tissue following a mini facelift will not cause your symptoms. Cotton plugs, which are placed in the ear canals during the surgery to prevent blood from getting in the ears, may still be present. As others have suggested dried blood from the surgery may be present. Talk to your surgeon or get an ENT referral.

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Ears Plugged after a Mini lift

Scar tissue is not the issue. Your incision does not affect your hearing. Clearly you may some old dried blood in your ear canal, less likely might be a remenent of some gauze we often use to keep blood out of the ear canal. Now the likely cause is some middle ear fluid, the crackling sound and changes with altitude make this plastic surgeon feel like you have middle ear fluid. I agree with the previous surgeons that a good exam by your local ENT specialist will determine the next step in your treatment, Good Luck

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My Ears Feel Plugged Up Almost Constantly. I Had a Mini Facelift 10 Months Ago, Normal?

  No this is not normal 10 months after any type of Face Lift.  Not sure one is related to the other except in the off chance that some blood or fluid got into the external ear canals, during the Face Lift, causing an external otitis.  An examination of the ear canals and ear drums by an ENT  would seems appropriate.

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Plugged ears after minifacelift

You should go to an ENT physician for an exam as you might have some hard dried blood still deep in the ear canal that never dissolved or came out.  If this is the case, removing it will be curative.

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