Missing Temp for 2 Days, New Temps Keep Falling off?

I was in a temporary for two months. It fell off and I swallowed it. My dentist was on vacation and knew this but he was ok with me being without a temp on both teeth for two days. Now my new temporaries both have fell off at least four times each and I wake up frequently with throbbing and aching jaw. Why are these temporaries falling of so much? I wore my first temporary two months with no incident. Could it be because I was without a temp for two days and the teeth shifted?

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Like their name suggests Temporaries are not designed to be placed for long periods of time (2 weeks) is enough. The only issue i would address is when your permanent Crowns will be ready.

Temporaries worn for 2 months

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You never mentioned in your question why the temporaries have been on so long.  Normally a temporary is worn for only 2-3 weeks.  Temporaries can come off for a variety of reasons.  I would not necessarily worry about it. 

Missing and falling temporary crowns

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The temporary crowns are performed not only for aesthetic purposes, but mostly for preventing sensitivity, fractures and decay in the prepared teeth, control the gum not to overgrow on top of the tooth margins and also to provide the chewing ability for the patient. 2 days is an ok time frame without the temporary crowns, but longer time can cause problems later. The reason that the crowns are falling off is most likely the bite that is not corrected. You should address this issue with your doctor.

Missing Temp for 2 Days, How to Keep New Temps From Falling off?

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Front teeth temporary crowns require a lot of finesse. I doubt that you had any significant teeth shifting, nor is that likely the issue with the new temporaries coming off.

I suspect that there is some subtle misalignment in the bite (or rather the sliding) on your new set of temporaries. This probably also explains why you are awakening with an achy jaw as well.

Go back and tell your dentist about your frustration with the temporaries coming off multiple times and about the jaw trouble you are having. Hopefully he will find whatever is off in your bite. That will make your jaw feel better and keep your temporaries on better.

When it's time to put your front crowns in, make sure you really preview them BEFORE you let him permanently cement them in. Make sure they look great to you first. Sometimes they need to be modified or touched-up before they are permanently cemented.

If after having your temporaries adjusted you continue to have as many difficulties, then you may want to consider a second opinion with a very experienced cosmetic dentist before the rest is finished.



Final restorations should be placed now

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Two months is plenty of time to have the lab fabricate the final restorations, so rather than deal with the temporaries it may be a good idea to place the final ones.  There are many reasons temporaries can come off, and usually it does NOT mean there is a problem, just an inconvenience.

New Temps Keep Falling Off

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They are called "tempraries" for a reason. Why are you wearing them for so long? The new temporaries, if made well, should not be falling off every few days.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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