What Should I Do with my Canine Tooth? It's High Up (photo)

My canine tooth its stuck in there and I don't know what procedure should I do. I'm 13 years old by the way, I had some stuff before but we never really took and effort to follow the guidelines before. Maybe braces? what options do I have?

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High cuspids get stuck because of a lack of space to come into the mouth properly.

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Most orthodontic problems, including the high cuspid, are the result of a narrower than ideal upper jaw.  The narrow upper jaw causes the last teeth to come in to get squeezed out, kind of like playing musical chairs.  The solution is to widen the jaw to ideal in order to make more room for the wayward tooth,  not the pulling of good teeth.  You should consult an orthodontist who can give you more details of treatment possibilities.

High Canine Teeth

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Of course a full examination would be required to properly tell you all the treatment options and specifics.  But, based on your single picture, it will likely be possible to correct this high canine tooth with orthodontic treatment.  I would suggest seeking the expert advise of an orthodontist, who can tell you all the ins and outs of what will be necessary to correct this tooth for you. You are at a great age, so make sure you follow it up, as it will make a big improvement to your smile!

Shervin Abbaszadeh, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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