Will my Previous Hip Replacements and Scarring Affect the Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

im a 21 yr old female that had hip both hips replaced at a very young age. im not embarassed by scarring on hip area but i would like a bigger butt will that turn the scarring into stretch marks? also the hips are supposed to last me until age 40+ but if i get a bbl now will being reopened to replace hips again affect the bbl?

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Hip Replacement and Brazilian Butt Lift

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Your prior hip replacement scar is not a contraindication for surgery and in many cases will make your scar of a better quality. It will also not prevent you or cause complications when your prostheses need to be replace.


Brazilian Butt Lift if you already have Hip Implants.....???

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Yes, your previous hip replacement surgery will likely affect your results if  you undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift.  This is especially true if you want or need fat along the sides of your buttocks, overlying your hip prosthesis.  There is definitely scar tissue from your prior surgeries.  This will likely affect the stretching of the tissues in that area.  I'm not saying that it cannot be done, but it may require releasing some of the scar tissue to obtain a nice result. 
The issue of much more concern is the possibility of getting an infection of your hip prosthesis. While performing the BBL, there is always the possibility of introducing bacteria into the wound.  In all likelihood, this probably happens all of the time to a very minimal degree and your body probably just fights them off. But, if they make it to your hip prosthesis, this could possible lead to infection of your hip joint and major problems.  Great care and precaution would have to be used! 

Hips prosthesis replacement in a future wont affect BBL results/ el futuro remplazo de tus caderas no afectara el resultado del

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your next future hips  replacement surely wont affect your BBL very sure so go ahed

ve adelante con tu BBL no afectara el resultado si despues te remplazas de nuevo las articulaciones de cadera

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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