What Do I Do About my Bottom Tray Not Fitting?

On my 1st set of tray, day 3 & since day 1 my top tray fits magically(painful,don't get me wrong,but it fits).But the bottom tray only goes down about 1/2 way on my teeth,it does not sit directly on top of my teeth.My dentist said to wear it a week and see if settles after wearing it a few days,but with it not fitting the bottom rim of plastic is making my tongue raw and very painful.It feels like it's working a little,but I'm just annoyed that I may have to get my trays remade and add 3 more weeks.

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Invisalign Aligners Not Fitting

A little bit of 'bounce' in the posterior of the lower tray is not uncommon. 

However, if the entire thing is only going in half-way, then you may have to see your Orthodontist.  If there are lots of attachments and they are overly bulky, this may also prevent the aligner from seating all the way down.  

Better to wait a few weeks for new aligners that fit better, than to have this kind of fit problem.  

Toronto Orthodontist

Bottom Invisalign Tray Not Fitting

The bottom tray should fit as "magically" as the top tray. It should not have to "settle in". You probably need new impressions.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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