Is my Belly Button Normal, I Had a Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had stretch marks from pregnancy and underwent full tummy tuck. Results of stretch mark removal is great but I am more ashamed of my appearance with this belly button and will not dare wear a bikini. Original PS not responsive, did not have follow up visit etc... Went to additional PS, they state that this is NOT normal and cost to fix is high? What is in the range of "normal appearance" for this?

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Belly Button Revision after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question and photo.

I believe that you would benefit from revisionary surgery to improve the appearance of your belly button.  I do not know how long ago you had your tummy tuck surgery but a physical examination is key before discussing the exact procedure with you.

Visit with well experienced plastic surgeon's who can show you examples of their work.

Best Wishes!

Belly Button Revision

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It is unfortunate that your original plastic surgeon is unresponsive. You may want to consider surgery to correct the appearance of your belly button. The cost of this depends on the surgeon and area you are located, but is normally a few thousand dollars. Best of luck

Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

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This really gets to the heart of the tummy tuck.  After all once that extra skin/fat is removed and the tummy looks nice and flat the focal point becomes the belly button.  And unfortunately, from what I've seen, most plastic surgeons don't spend the necessary time making a nice, new belly button; it's almost like it's an afterthought.  Most surgeons just cut a circle or oval in the skin and stitch the belly button to it.

To achieve a feminine belly button several points are important. First, the belly button should be concave.  Second, there should be a small hood at the top.  And finally it should be more oval shaped.  These can be achieved by suturing the top of the belly button to the skin flap then to the deep muscle fascia.  In addition I don't cut a circle or oval in the skin flap.  Instead I use an inverted "U" shaped flap.  These steps lead to a nice, feminine belly button.

Revisions can be tricky so see several board certified plastic surgeons who have experience in this area.

How to improve belly button result after tummy tuck.

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Since all belly buttons are different to start with, they tend to all be different after tummy tuck, multiplied by the fact that each plastic surgeon may choose a different incision pattern or "design" for his or her operative technique. Being relatively slim with a thin fatty layer also makes it a bit harder to conceal your umbilical incision deeper within an "innie" belly button configuration--there's little depth to create a nice funnel-shaped belly button with "hidden" incisions.

And, it's even harder now that you have a large oval scar that shows so much.

Umbilicoplasty (revision of the belly button) IS possible, and it can be performed under local anesthesia, so costs need not be great. This is no simple little re-do procedure, however; some degree of compromise must be taken into account and your plastic surgeon SHOULD address your post-op concern. Perhaps unresponsiveness is your doctor's way of saying "I don't really know how to improve this very well."

If this is true, it sounds as if you need consultation with several more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons in order to find better answers and options. I utilize a modified chevron (inverted-V) umbilical design in my own tummy tuck operations; this may not be possible now, but there are choices to be made after in-person examination.

In the meantime, avoidance of any kind of ultraviolet exposure (sun OR tanning bed) is absolutely recommended, or the scar may turn brown permanently. This should be continued until the scar pinkness has faded over 6-12 months. Best wishes!

Ashamed of my belly button (photo)

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Looks like relatively straightforward office revision to improve belly button appearance.  Regarding cost, in my market, this would cost between $500 and $1000 for Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to improve.

Scarring around belly button

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You may want to talk to your surgeon about injections, creams or laser treatments that may help improve your scarring.

If all else fails, you may require a revision of the umbilicus, called an umtilicoplasty.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Ugly Belly Button after Tummy Tuck Surgery

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I'm truly sorry for your appearance. Creating an attractive belly button takes a few minutes longer but is extremely important. Why do women wear clothing which reveals the belly button? Why do some women have a belly button jewelry piercing? Because the belly button and, especally a sexy belly button is the focal point in the abdomen to which the observant eyes are commonly attracted. 

The attractive belly button is

- recessed ( an innie)

- oval shaped

- a slight hooding along the upper rim

- located in a shallow bird bath like round depression 

ALL of this can be created at the time of a Tummy Tuck. In your case you may benefit from a revision procedure once the tissues are free of inflammation. 






Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Is my Belly Button Normal, I Had a Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

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I agree that your belly button should be more presentable after an abdominoplasty.

You do not state how long ago you underwent your procedure. Whatever the interval you can be confident that your scars will continue to mature and will eventually become flat and white.

However, while the umbilicus may shrink a bit, it is unlikely to be transformed.

If you presented to my office I would discuss a belly button revision under local anesthesia. I believe it is incumbent on plastic surgeons to care for the patients of colleagues who run into problems, and not to charge excessively for these services.

I would hope you can find such a competent and compassionate practitioner in your area.

Good luck!

Is my Belly Button Normal, I Had a Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

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Based upon the photos the revision is very detailed and should have a fee. It is a wonder why your original PS has not addressed this with you? Was he/she a boarded PS? Sorry for your umbilical issues. Most likely due to the operative plan of the first surgeon. 

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