Why is my Areola So Large?

I'm 14 years old, never pregnant, a virgin, had my period for about 2 years, I'm a 36C. Both of my areoles are very large, about 2 1/2 inches wide. I'm very uncomfortable with my areola. Is there a reason they are like this? Is it normal? Is it cancerous? Is there a possible way that they can go to a normal size? I am extremely insecure about this.

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Areola size

Large areolas can be normal, and it does not represent cancer. Breast and areola size can change during puberty, but if you have had your period for 2 years, it is unlikely that your areolas will becoming smaller. One reason for this is a "tuberous" or consticted breast shape and another reason is just genetically enlarged areolas. Either way, there is nothing harmful about it except that you don't like it. I recommend waiting until you are sure your breasts are done developing (somewhere between age 15 and 18) and discussing it with a board certified surgeon to see whether an areola reduction could safely be performed for you. 

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Concerned about large areolas in a 14 year old

At your age your body is still changing and growing. There is quite a lot of normal variation among women as to the size and shape of breasts, nipples, and areola. Each of us is truly unique and different! 
After you have stopped growing, if  you still dislike the size of your areola it is possible to reduce them. Seek a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you with a "donut" mastopexy.
Best wishes!

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Large Areola

A large areola can easily be reduced.   This is an outpatient procedure, and sometimes done in an office setting.   Since you are very young, discuss this with your parents, and see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to discuss your concerns and expectations.

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Large Areolas a Concern for a 14-Year-Old

Large areolas are a variant of normal anatomy. Because breasts aren't freely visible the way our faces are, girls and women are often unaware that what they think is abnormal is actually normal.

When you're 18 or older, if your large areolas still bother you, you can look for a board-certified plastic surgeon and ask about having a donut mastopexy to reduce the size of your areolas. 

Click on the link below to read more about a donut mastopexy.

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Large areolas

There are many sizes of normal areolas!  Every woman is unique, and some have very small nipples and/or areolas, and some have very large.   If the size bothers you, there is a procedure to reduce the size of the areola.  If you are still growing, you will want to wait until your breasts are done developing before considering surgery.

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