I Have Droopy Areolas! What Can I Do to Fix This?

I am a 35 year old female with one 16 year old child. I have been unable to find any information on my problem. My breasts went from a b cup to a full D cup during pregnancy and breast feeding. I now have what I consider to be acceptable looking breasts but my areola droops just below the nipple! I am so incredibly self conscious about it! Is there such thing as giving the areola itself a tiny lift?

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Correcting excess areola skin

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A small incision that follows the bottom of the areola and takes a little crescent of skin out of the areola would be a way to tighten that skin a little.  Beware of the circumareolar (all the way around the areola) incision  to "reduce" the size of the overall areola as those incisions can be very noticable and can spread.    This small crescent excision of areola skin can be removed under local anesthetic.

Areolar reduction surgery

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It is possible often under local anesthesia to reduce the areolar diameter and take out the extra areolar skin you have without needing an implant or doing a significant lift.  

Areolar reduction

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You could have a circumareolar reduction but I will say that the photograph demonstrates early ptosis or sagging. You could consider either a small implant or a mastopexy to elevate the breasts. I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon who can discuss various options with you.

Breast Changes after Pregnancy

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Thank you for posting your photos. Yes, you have options to improve the areola if you'd like.  It could possibly be performed under local anesthesia to remove the excess areolar skin and/or reduce the size of the areola if that is an issue.

Visit a board certified plastic surgeon to have a physical examination and to communicate your goals to him/her and get the most precise advice.  Ask to see photos of examples of the surgeon's work.


Droopy areolas

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It looks like your tissue has stretched more in the areola area than the rest of the breast skin.  A local areola reduction would likely improve the appearance of the areolas by removing some of the excess skin, but I would also want to consider an implant to fill out the tissue more completely since I think you may have some upper stretch marks and loose skin below the areola (hard to tell in the photo).  The good news is that there are definitely ways to improve the appearance of your areolas - Good luck!

Loss of breast volume after pregnancy

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Thank you for forwarding your photographs. As a result of your pregnancy, your skin stretches out to accomodate for initially a greater breast volume. Then, once your breasts go back to their current size, you are left with a more elastic appearance.You'll also experience potential changes in your areola diamater and shape. While you have a result appearance, it looks like your breast are starting to droop, and as a result, are pulling the inferior edge of your areola inferiorly. You can also see the superior portion of your areolas starting to stretch because of your tissue characteristics. I don't believe you would be satisfied with an areolar local procedure, but may consider a small breast implant to provide you with enough volume to evenly distribute your areola shape. I hope you find my opinion helpful

Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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