What Would You Do to Fix Areola Stretching and Uneven Nipple Heights After Vertical Breast Lift?

1st: 3/22/11, ABPS surgeon, implants only. Had DB on left & lrg. pocket let left implant fall in armpit and across chest to right side and lft nipple was 2-3 cm lower than rght Rev: 3 mo. ago: Capsulloraphy in complete U on lft & vertical lift on lft. It did not fix diff. nipple heights & areola stretched out lrg. Post Lollipop lift, would Benelli now lift left nipple & tighten? And how to prevent areola stretching this time? PS says no permanant sutures there. Am willing to travel to good PS

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Repair of areola stretching and asymmetry

A periareolar mastopexy with a permanent suture on the left side would improve your symmetry dramatically...keep in mind that your breasts may never be totally symmetric...we tell our patients that cannot create identical twins, but fraternal twins...see examples of your surgeon's work before making a decision.

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Revision Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Options?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Further areola reduction surgery can be performed using permanent sutures to help prevent repeat spreading of the areola. Of course, permanent sutures have their own potential downsides including palpability,  risk of infection, and occasionally a tight ring like feeling ( and subsequent “puffy” appearance of the areola).

However, considering your history and pictures,  this may be your best option.

In-person examination will be necessary to give you precise advice.

Best wishes.

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