Muscle soreness after breast reduction 3 months

reduction 3 mon. ago., left breast has muscle tenderness like it is pulled or strained, goes away but comes back with activity. It starts inside center to top of breast. Could it have been aggravated during surgery as this breast had more removed and inside underneath incision was cut a little higher in cleavage area. Nurse thinks I should no pain.

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Muscle pain after breast reduction

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It would be unusual for your to have pain 3 months after reduction surgery. Most patients find this surgery to be quite easy to recover from and very few have any discomfort after 3 months. It would also be unusual to have muscle soreness after a breast reduction because most surgeons are not disrupting or injuring any of the muscles of the chest during the procedure. Some surgeon perform some liposuction of the lateral chest wall and axilla which I suppose could still be sore. But, follow up with your surgeon will be needed for a better answer. 

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