Is it possible to have mucus in the breast?

I had a Breast Reduction a month ago. shortly after the wound opened up and would not stop oozing yellowish liquid. A culture showed that there was an infection which was treated with antibiotic. The border of the wound is red and pink but in the middle is a patch of yellowish liquid that the Doctor says is mucus. I have never head of mucus in the breast . is this possible and if so should the wound be allowed to heal on its own or should the mucus be removed surgically. Please help

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Drainage from your breast

is not considered mucus in my experience but perhaps your surgeon was simply trying to illustrate what the material was like.  Wounds often do separate after reductions and will grow bacteria when cultured.  Red along the edges of the wound is normal too.  But spreading redness, fevers, increasing pain, etc are not and those signs require you see your surgeon.  Often there is yellow slimy tissue in the wound that that is simply dead skin that will have to slough or be removed for the wound to heal.  So continue to trust your surgeon and follow the instructions given to you by him/her.

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