How much does mouth injection cost?

I want to inject botox into my Depressor anguli oris so that my mouth isn't downturned anymore,as it relaxes that muscle wich is responsible for the frowning mouth.I also want to inject some filler into my upper lip so my lip will be fuller and slightly wider.How much would this cost?Any estimation is well-used. I also learned that if I pull my cheeks sideways/upwards ,my mouth straightens and broadens aswell,does that mean broad cheekbones would give me the mouth I desire?

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Botox for DAO

Thank you for the question. For first time injections in the depressor anguli oris (DAO), I generally use 4-5 units per side. The total cost would be about $125. Also, careful placement of a small amount of filler in the marionette folds (by the corner of the mouth) can also help with the down-turned appearance. These treatments can be done separately or together.

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Botox to Relax The Mouth Depressor Muscles, Filler For Lips

Botox or Xeomin can relax the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down excessively.  Usually about 8 units are required, for a fee of about $100. The effect usually lasts about three to five months.

Filler to augment the lips has a wide range of fees depending upon the amount of filler, the brand, and the area of the country. An average fee would be about $600.

To elevate the corners of the mouth you will typically need a facelift. Cheek implants probably will not do enough.

Kevin L. McBride, DDS
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