Can botox injection correct this situation of the mouth in the pictures? (Photo)

As it occured as a result of post botox injection of marionette lines This pictures taken after 10 days from the injection day

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Botox Injections around the Mouth

From the photos it looks like you had a facial filler that was injected into that area.  I do not inject Botox in that area and it is generally not done.  Fillers are generally used to  treat the nasolabial area.  I would immediately return to your physician for evaluation. Please let me know what happens.

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Can botox injection correct this situation of the mouth in the pictures?

Its best you contact your medical provider to further evaluate the area, you were probably treated with a filler, Botox isn’t usually used to treat the marionette lines

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Are you sure that it is botox

Botox is generally not used for the marionette lines.  Are you sure that you didn't have a filler (e.g. Juvederm)?  But it is very unusual to have such profound swelling 10 days after a procedure.  If would see your dermatologist and consider that something else might be going on (e.g. Melkerson-Rosenthal Syndrome).  Good luck.

Seth Kates, MD
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