It's difficult to get a clean shave on my face few days after laser beard removal. Is this normal?

I had my first laser beard removal session 4 days ago, and for past 3 days I cannot get a clean shave at all (I can still see and feel stubble). The clinic told me it's normal because the hair is burnt so difficult to shave off. Is this normal after treatment and before hair starts to get pushed out or fall out? Some follicles seem to still be a bit bumpy or swollen, and overall the skin on my chin and along the jaw line seem less smooth (more bumpy) than before.

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Difficulty shaving after laser hair removal.

Yes, these are signs that you have had an effective treatment.  A little cellophane tape may help to pull out some of the frizzed hairs

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Bumps after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a great way to remove unwanted hair permanently.  This swelling will resolve in a day or two.  Sometimes cold compresses or a little over the counter cortisone for a day will help.  If you are concerned please consult a dermatologist for examination.

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Bumpy Skin after Laser Hair Removal

Hi Chris.  This is also normal in our practice.  Laser hair removal in an area with very thick hair like the beard can cause much irritation and bumpiness in the few days after treatment.  The issue should go away after a week or so, but yes it's difficult to shave well in the day or two after treatment.  

For before and pictures of Los Angeles and Orange County, CA patients that have undergone laser hair removal, click the link below.

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