Is my beard growing again? i had laser and it hurt. I only did one session. (Photo)

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One session for laser hair removal of beard - you won't notice much difference

Laser hair removal always requires at least about 6 sessions to get about 75% improvement in reduction.  It also requires touch ups at least yearly.  After one session, the difference will be imperceptible.  You have to have several more sessions for a noticeable change.  

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Laser hair removal

A numbing cream can be applied before your treatment to reduce discomfort. You can also take something orally. After just one session, you will have hair growth because not all the hair follicles are targeted in a single area. Only the ones that are in the active growing phase are targeted. As a result, any other follicles will begin to produce hair which is why you'll experience hair growth in a treated area. You will most likely need about 6-10 sessions, depending on your physiology.

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One Session of Laser Hair Removal

Thank you for your question. One session of laser hair removal will not make a lasting difference. You will need at least 5 to 10 treatments in the area to achieve your desired result. The more dense and dark the hair is the more pain you will experience during your laser session because there is more available for the laser to target. As you continue your sessions every 4 to 6 weeks (or per your providers recommendation) you will expierence less significant pain. You may also ask your provider to apply a topical numbing cream 30 minutes prior to your appointment to reduce the pain. Make sure if they do this that the product is thoroughly removed before the treatment to avoid causing an adverse reaction.

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6-10 Sessions Needed

Hello Prince3. You will still have pretty regular beard growth after just 1 session. Laser hair removal usually requires 6-10 sessions to be efficient especially on a dense beard like yours. Then, you should have much less noticeable hair growth and longer downtime between shavings, however it does not guarantee that your hair will totally stop growing. Good luck!

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