Molar Movement with Invisalign?

I was told that the Invisalign braces cannot move the molars in the back of my mouth. Is this correct? Or can these also be moved into alignment with Invisalign?

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Molars and other teeth can be moved with Invisalign... it depends on how they are moved

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Teeth can be moved bodily with Invisalign, including incisors, canines, premolars and molars. It is not easy to achieve, but it all depends on how they are moved. A combination of Begg tipping principles and aligner mechanics can achieve excellent results with good patient compliance.

Few orthodontists or dentists understand that movement of teeth with Invisalign cannot be planned the same way as with conventional mechanics. To doctors who do not agree, please enrich yourself with some online continuing education before posting responses with such certainty.

Toronto Orthodontist

Can Invisalign Move Molars?

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It depends on how much you want the molars to move. Invisalign can tip molars to help correct your bite or to make room for implants, etc. You can always move forward with the clin-check records appointment to see what kind of result Invisalign can make for you. Good Luck!

Yes, this is correct

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You need fixed appliances attached to the teeth to move the crown of the tooth and root through the jaw bone. This movement is physically impossible to do with invisalign.

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

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