Flat Rate Cost of Invisalign?

I had Braces 10 years ago and continued to wear retainers to keep my teeth straight. About two years ago my top retainer broke and my orthodontist was no longer at his practice. I went to an orthodontist and was told that the Invisalign treatment would be $5,200. The assistant even asked why I needed Invisalign because my teeth looked pretty good (I have one tooth that is really relapsing). I was told that the cost for Invisalign was a flat rate not per case, is this standard practice?

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Perhaps Invisalign Express?

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If you had braces before and wore a retainer for a long time, there may not have been much shift. If not, then there may only be minor work involved, and if the case takes 10 aligners or less, then there is a reduction in fee.

It is pretty standard to have a flat fee, but two levels. Express is normally around $2000-$3000 and Invisalign (full case) is normally $4500 to $7000. There are geographic and experience factors involved in fees, so there is not a flat fee for all offices.

Invisalign fee is per case

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Invisalign fees are typically structured as one fee per case (no matter how long the case will take). Some dentists will increase the fee if the case is going to take a very long time or require many visits. Fees usually range between $5000 and $7500, so $5200 is about right. Next time you see your dentist; tell him what the assistant said and ask his opinion.

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