CoolSculpting. Is this indentation normal? (Photo)

I recently had cool sculpting to reduce a small amount of fat on my abdomen. However, 7 weeks later the fat I wanted reduced beneath my belly button is still there, but there is a deep indentation resembling a shark bite about half an inch above my belly button. Can you please tell me if this is normal and will change over time, or if perhaps the cool sculpt was not positioned properly to target fat below the belly button.

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CoolSculpting Results

I would suggest waiting at least the 3 months to see what the full results are from the treatment.  It is hard to tell if this is a result of the CoolSculpting without seeing before pictures and without knowing where the applicators were placed.  Check with your provider to see if they can compare before and after pictures to get a better understanding of what may have happened.

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CoolSculpting. Is this indentation normal?

Thank you for your question. I would recommend waiting the full 3 months to see if it resolves. If you are concerned, please speak with your chosen provider. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Wait and possible retreat above

I would wait a full 3 months to see what the result will be.  If it is still there, you should treat the area right above the divit to reduce the appearance and overhang.

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Indentation after CoolSculpting?

Dear missargo87:
This result is not something that should be expected after CoolSculpting, and it is difficult for me to conceive of how it could have come about. If I were seeing you in consultation, I would want to see a copy of your treatment record. It is possible you did not have a CoolSculpting treatment; there are a number of knockoffs that can give unpredictable results.
All the best, Dr. Clark

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
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It would be helpful to see a series of before and after photos to better understand your results.  If you were trying to treat an area of fat below your belly button and now you have an indentation above your belly button I would recommend you see your doctor to discuss your concerns.  There are a variety of other procedures that are available to help correct this type of deformity if it does not resolve on its own.  Best of luck!

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Coolsculpting and Indentation

It would be very helpful to see the before and after photos side by side to identify the area.  These indentations can improve over time or you may need another treatment around the area.  Please see an expert for the best  cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Coolsculpting and "Shark Bites" -- Try Velashape, Veunus Legacy, HI Def Liposuction

Coolsculpting can cause indentations, this is one of the reason I recommend liposuction by a contouring specialist in certain situations.  You may need more velashape or venus legacy, a liposuction revision/fat grafting or more coolsculpting.  Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer

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Coolsculpting Indentation

You won't start to see results with Coolsculpting until about 4 weeks out, with maximal results at 12 weeks. Sometimes, an area needs more than one treatment. If that's the case, it can be done at 8-10 weeks out. I would wait up to the 12 weeks to see how things settle/change. If the area that didn't respond still has too much volume, it may need another treatment. The 12 weeks will also give the tissues time to settle. If the indentation remains or worsens, it could be because the applicators were mal-positioned. If that's the case you could try to lessen the appearance of the indentation via reducing fat around it or it may need to be fat grated by a plastic surgeon. Not ideal, but there is a solution.

Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, FRCSC
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CoolSculpting results

This is not a normal result from CoolSculpting. If you were having the fat below the umbilicus treated then there should be no indentation above the umbilicus unless the applicator was misplaced. I recommend you followup with your provider to discuss your results.

Shaun Patel, MD
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Indentation after CoolSculpting procedure

it is important to see before and after pictures as often times certain features could have been present before the procedure or can be accentuate after the procedure. But the short answer is yes, indentation can occur after th CoolSculpting procedure and may depend on applicator placement. 
Options for treatment include performing CoolSculpting around the indentation to minimize the appearances, using Trusculpting for melting some of the fat or consultation for localized liposuction. 
I would reach out to the provider who performed the procedure but there are treatment options
All the best
Dr Soni

Hardik Soni, MD
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