Why did I faint with Coolsculpting? After neck, I was doing outer arms & lower ab when I began to feel something was wrong!

I gave triage instructions as much as I could manage. I told them to get ice packs and cool me down. I was overheated. I told them I felt like I was going to pass out. I told them to remove the abdominal device. Things went from bad to worse. I heard them say get the smelling salts. I turned white, blood pressure dropped, pulse lowered, and I passed out! lost control of all bodily functions. Threw up; intestines released. Was 'off' for 3 hours later

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Coolsculpting and Fainting NYC

You experienced a vasovagal response to the procedure.  This response can happen in patients who did not eat prior to the procedure or who are extremely anxious about the procedure.  I hope that you feel better.  Best, Dr. Green

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Vasovagal Response

You experienced a vasovagal response. All those treatments put stress on your body. It happens to CoolSculpting patients because you sit still for hours and then when you get up and move you feel like fainting. There's no serious harm to you but you can plan ahead by eating a meal before your next treatment. Also, to gradually get up when you're sitting or lying down.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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Fainting after CS

Hi there.

This is called a "vasovagal" response, and it is when your blood pressure and heart rate drop in response to some stimulus, usually pain.  It happens every so often with coolsculpting.  You may experience it next time, or you may not.  Some things that you can do to try and limit the chances of it happening are to eat and drink plenty of water prior to the procedure.  Sometimes a valium or xanax can help if it is anxiety driven.

Hope it helps and good luck!

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Fainting with Coolsculpting

Basically is called a vasovagal response. I have seen this several times with Coolsculpting and happens more often to people that run low blood pressure or haven't eaten for a few hours prior to treatment. It is the body's reaction to stress. It often happens to a person that is extremely nervous about a procedure as well. People that have had it, will often have it again in similar circumstances. 

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Why did I faint with Coolsculpting? After neck, I was doing outer arms & lower ab when I began to feel something was wrong!

Thank you for your question. You experienced a vasovagal response. This can happen to patients who are extremely nervous about the procedure or haven't eaten well. 


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