How Will Minor (~10 Lbs) Weight Fluxuation Effect my Breast Reduction Results?

I had a breast reduction just over 2 months ago. I like to keep my weight between 130-135... which even for my height (5'2) is pretty healthy because I lift weights and used to be a high level athlete. Anyway, when I got my breast reduction I weighed right around 135 and now I weigh 143. When I now loose how this weight will this impact my results? I am 24 years old and know a certain amount of weight change just a part of life. how much loss or gain would effect my results?

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The effect of weight loss on Breast Reduction Result

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If your weight was 135 when you had your reduction and now you are 143 lbs, the 8 lb wt loss to get to your pre operative weight will likely not adversely affect your result.  However, I would caution you against allowing your weight to "yo-yo" by 10 lbs on a repeated basis as i believe this is very hard on your skin and stretches it out.

So, at your young age, a one time wt loss back to your pre op weight should be fine on your breasts, but repeated Yo-yoing of your weight may cause them to ultimately stretch out and droop.

Weight loss and breast reduction

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Weight fluctuation of about ten pounds should not have much effect on the breast size.  However, if you are only two months post surgery, you can almost certainly expect the size of  your breasts to go down a bit.  Breast reductions usually have a fair amount of swelling even at two months and you can expect the final size to be a bit smaller than what it is now.

How Does Weight Loss Affect Breast Shape

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Small amounts of weight loss are unlikely to significantly affect your post reduction breast shape.  The health and physical benefits from your weight loss are more beneficial than any negative effects it may have on your breasts. All the best.

Weight loss following a breast reduction.

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A 10 pound weight loss will have minimal impact on the results of your breast augmentation.  

Concern about 10 pound weight loss following breast reduction

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A 10 pound weight loss at this point in time following your breast reduction should not have a major impact on your overall result - particularly since you were at around this intended weight at the time of your surgery. Besides, your health is probably of greater priority and impact. To paraphrase a famous quote: "It is better to have gained and lost than never to have lost at all!" (Tennyson)

Breast reduction

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5-10 pound fluctuations should not make a significant difference in your reduction. Your breast size will continue to fluctuate with your weight just as it always has.

Weight Change with Breast Surgery

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I think it is always important to counsel patients about their weight when considering breast surgery.  With either Augmentation or Reduction, many women have changes in their breast size with weight fluctuation.  I recommend patient are within 5-10 pounds of their personal ideal weight before having elective surgery.   This amount of fluctuation should not effect your final result.  If you need to lose more weight than that, try and get it done before your surgery to achieve your best results.  Otherwise you risk ending up a different size than your goal if your weight changes later.  

Good luck and be sure to consult with your own surgeon for his or her recommendations.  

Weight loss and breast reduction results

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In general, a 5-10 lb swing shold not significantly influence the shape of your breast reduction.

Breast Reduction and Subsequent Weight Gain/Loss?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; hopefully, you are very pleased with the outcome. Generally speaking, weight gain/loss of less than 10 pounds does not necessarily cause significant breast changes for most patients.

 Best wishes.

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