Severe rippling? (Photo)

I have 415 cc HP silicone overs. I am about 95lbs 25 years old and 3 months post op. I honestly am pretty happy with my result after surgery now that they had settled more but I do have severe rippling that is seen and felt all along the sides and bottom. Ive told my doctor multiple times I'm unhappy with this and he basically doesn't say anything but gaining weight will help. Isn't the surgery center responsible?

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Severe ripples in a think patient

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Sorry for you. 
This is the reason many of us no longer use the more liquid round implants. The visible ripples.
It is not your doctors fault. There is no reason to blame him or her.

Injecting your own fat over the ripples would be difficult if you are only 95 lbs as it could be a challenge to harvest enough fat for injection over the ripples.

The other option is to change to gummy bears.

Best wishes 

Severe rippling?

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your rippling.  Despite the fact that silicone implants cause less wrinkling and rippling than saline implants there is still an inherent risk, especially with larger implants placed into smaller women.  Though some tissue stretching of your breast skin may improve the rippling appearance your likely best option at correction is a higher fill silicone implant such as Sientra or Allergan Inspira and conversion to an under the muscle placement.  Hope this helps.

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