I was a size 34 A and I got 535 cc on each breast. Can you tell me what my size is now?

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Cup size measurements

Thank you for your question. Please know that it is a common misconception that implant size correlates with the bra cup size. Many patients are often confused regarding that because of reading reviews or hearing about what their friends got.  First, bra sizes clearly vary among manufacturers, and they can label the cup size by any designation they choose. So a C will be a D for another, or a D can be a Z… Seriously. Additional factors, such as demi and full cup coverage, specific fabrics, padding, and elastics, can all affect the fit of a bra. Complicating the situation further, your breast size may vary on a monthly basis because of menstrual cycles and weight gain and weight loss. Second, there is a confusion over sister sizers which complicates things. For example, a patient wearing a 34C may also fit into a 36B bra. Still, I think you might find it helpful to know that a study by Dr. Bengtson and Dr. Glicksman titled “Standardization of Bra Cup Measurements” has shown that the average implant volume required to increase the cup-size by 1 size is equal to 205 ccs. Since you have gotten 535 cc implants, you may have likely gone up by more than 2 cups (i.e., from A to somewhere between C and D), according to this study assuming you are considering bras of the same style and from the same manufacturer. Also note that you must consider the profile of the implant as well. The profile pretty much tells you how much the implant sticks out in the forward direction. Low profile implants have wider diameter and the lowest projection
Moderate profile implants have less projection because of their wider diameter
High profile implants are narrower at the base and consequently have more projection
In the end, it is best to go to bra shop fitter at a retail store, and all expert sizers have their own techniques for measurement and for fitting their customers for their specific brands, so then only can you be told what bra size you are now. Hope this helps.

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Swelling , some advices:

Thanks for the question. 
My advice for you is to send your photos to us to give you the recommendations you need.
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I was a size 34 A and I got 535 cc on each breast. Can you tell me what my size is now?

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately until your implants have dropped to create a more natural lower pole of your breast and you are measured for your new bras it is not possible to tell you what size you are.  There is no correlation between the amount of cc's in your implants and bra/cup size.  Hope this helps.

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Size after breast implants

Thank you for your question.

The best way to learn about your new size is to get fitted for a bra at a specialty store or department store. Also, bra dimensions vary per company, so a D in one type of bra may be a DD in another. In realty, cup size is variable. Hope this helps! Congratulations on your new breast implants.

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