Is there a way to get rid of love handles without liposuction? (Photos)

I want to know if I would be a candidate for cool sculpting or if this would make me look uneven because I have broad shoulders. I workout and eat healthy but I still store a lot of fat here making my butt look even more square. I don't want a bazillion butt lift but I hate the shape/ extra fat there.

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Eliminating Love Handles Without Lipo

Thank you very much for your question and photograph. From your picture, you appear to be an excellent candidate for eliminating ‘love handles’ with CoolSculpting.  The procedure can effectively address your flanks, and one 60-minute session should provide a 20-25% reduction in fatty tissue. My recommendation is that you schedule an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, experienced in the CoolSculpting procedure. He/she can determine the best treatment plan for your individual situation.

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Love handles without surgery -- sculpsure / coolsculpting + vanquish/exilis, cellutone

I suggest a combination of non invasive options if you do not want surgery.  however a VASER hi def procedure would give you the best outcomes.  Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting for love handles

CoolSculpting works great for the love handles and I think you would be a great candidate for this treatment.

Coolsculpting Love Handles

Provided you are otherwise healthy, you appear to be the perfect candidate for coolsculpting to help reduce the love handles.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive body contouring experience.  Good luck!

Remove love handles noninvasively

It is very easy to remove love handles using the Coolsculpting device. Other devices which work as well are the Vanquish and Sculpsure. These devices give permanent fat removal with no downtime. Cooladvantage and Z wave give faster and better results.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Freeze away stubborn fat deposits

Hi alexxswifttt.  Coolsculpting is a good fit for someone like yourself who has fat deposits resistant to exercise & healthy diet.  During your consultation, templates of the applicators will be held up against your love handles to choose which one(s) should be placed, and you will get an estimate of the time & cost.  If multiple machines are available, both sides may be able to be done anywhere from 35-60 minutes of treatment time. Your exam will reveal how many sessions (spaced 3 months apart) will be needed, but judging from your photo, it likely is only one.  Best wishes,

Cool sculpting for love handles

After reviewing your photos, it appears as if you would be a candidate for either surgical (liposuction) or non - surgical fat reduction of the hip area of concern . CoolScultping generally will yield about a 20-25% improvement with one treatment session. This can be repeated for further improvement after about th three months . 

I recommend a consultation with a Board -certified plastic surgeon to decide whether a surgical or non-surgical would be optimal for your goals and for your anatomy .


Michael H. Wojtanowski, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting for stubborn areas

Coolsculpting for stubborn areas is ideal. The procedure is really fantastic for people at or near their goal weight that just have a few stubborn, distinct spots that don't want to budge despite  your best efforts.  From the photo you appear to be a good candidate but it is difficult to say for certain without an actual exam.  I would suggest an in person exam with a Coolsculpting provider that can determine if you are a good candidate.  Good luck!

Grant Stevens, MD
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Fat reduction without liposuction

Thank you for your question.  You appear to be in excellent shape.  It is not uncommon to have stubborn areas of fatty tissue despite strict diet and exercise.  For these areas, there are several options including surgical and nonsurgical.  One great nonsurgical option is Coolsculpting which can decrease the amount of fatty tissue by 20-25% in each treated area.  By reducing the fatty tissue surrounding your buttock area, you can actually accentuate the buttock itself.  I suggest you consult with a provider with a good deal of experience in the procedure, preferably one who has attended the Coolsculpting University training course.  Hope this helps!

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