I received Glycolic acid in powder form...what do I 'activate' this with so that I can use it?

Ordered 30% glycolic acid to create my own chemical peel (wanna start off SLOWLY then increase IF necessary). Yes, I ordered it from a highly respectable medical product/chemical company here in the USA ** IT CAME IN POWDER FORM! So I now mix it with WHAT? What do I use to 'activate' this so that I can actually utilize this in some way? I've searched EVERYTHING online for FOUR months & NOTHING. What ingredient is the glycolic acid in Jessner's mixed? ANY insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Make your own chemical peel

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Please do NOT mix this with anything and apply to your face. It appears you have obtained pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid meant to be formulated into a peeling solution by a pharmacist or chemist.  People who are able to do this have studied for many years and have years of experience to be able to do it safely and effectively.

New York Dermatologist
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Asking for a big problem if you proceed with your own mixture from powdered glycolic acid

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I have never heard of glycolic acid being sold as a powder.  If you feel lucky give it a try.  I would not be so brave myself.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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I received Glycolic acid in powder form...what do I 'activate' this with so that I can use it?

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Follow the instructions on mixing this acid. Since you did not specify what was the source of this peel very hard to be specific...

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