How to do a lymphatic massage after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How are lymphatic massages most affective after a bbl? Should they be done standing up? Or laying down with the buttocks upward so it does not touch the bed?

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Massage after BBL

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I do not routinely recommend massage after a brazilian butt lift or liposuction. Some surgeons do recommend this and have their patients go to massage specialists for lymphatic drainage.

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Massage after liposuction and fat transfer

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These are questions that should be brought up and discussed with your dr., hopefully board-certified plastic surgeon prior to your procedure.

Most of these questions are answered during the consultation or preoperative visit.

I personally don't believe massage has any significant impact in a long-term results of either liposuction or if I transfer procedures.

I think it's especially inappropriate to massage the actual area treated with fat transfer such as the buttocks after a Brazilian.

In order to maintain fat survival the area should be immobilized with minimal pressure and movement for the first several weeks after the procedure.

Fat transferred that is not immobilized during the revascularization phase of healing process will not survive and will eventually necrose. 

Please talk to your doctor about the recommendation.

I would be leery of any Doctor Who has a financial relationship with massage therapist after either liposuction or if I transfer.

That said there are many reputable plastic surgeons who believe massage has a place after at least liposuction.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
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