Can massaging the face two weeks after a Radiesse injection cause bad swelling?

I had a radiesse injection in both cheeks two weeks ago with more filler in the left cheek. The left cheek looked overfilled and larger than the right so I kept messaging it hoping the swelling would come down faster. I woke up this morning and it looks more swollen and puffy then before. What can I do to help with the swelling? Will ice help at this point?

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Ice and Medications will help!

Two weeks after the Radiesse injection I doubt you can move the product under facial layers of the face. I'm more inclined to believe that repetitive manipulation of the area may have caused some additional edema (swelling). Ice does help swelling as do a few medications your doctor can prescribe that help your body shed excess fluid.

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Swelling 2 weeks after Radiesse

It is possible to develop some swelling after Radiesse, but generally, it does not get worse 2 weeks after treatment.  It is possible that the massage you were doing on your left cheek caused some swelling and I would recommend stopping the massage at this point.  You could try ice, as it certainly will not make anything worse.  If you feel the swelling is not going down after a day or two, you should contact the physician who treated you so that you can be evaluated.  

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Radiesse is well tolerated if injected deep in the cheeks.

Radiesse is my filler of choice for cheek augmentation and is well tolerated if injected deep enough in the cheeks. Massage is useful if there is any lumpiness noticed immediately after the injection. Massage is not helpful for reducing the swelling a few days after the injection. If there is some differences in the cheeks volume, it could be improved by additional filler on the opposite side. I recommend that you visit the doctor who did the injection to rule out an infection. If there is any question you should consult a board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience with fillers especially Radiesse.

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