3.5 months after radiesse in tear troughs, will these lumps ever go away? (photo)

I complained to the doctor a month ago and he told me it would probably all "calm down" eventually. I've been walking around with these things and they are the opposite of pretty; they're disfiguring and I think even aging. I'm starting to worry this lump will never "calm down." Will they get better on their own and how long do you think it's going to take?

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Lumps From Radiesse Resolve Completely, But It May take Several Months

Radiesse is a very good filler for many reasons: it stays in place better (does not spread) than other fillers, there is more in a syringe than other fillers, and a single injection tends to last longer than other fillers.  However, it is more prone to causing lumps than other fillers. The particles in Radiesse may stick together and form a firm lump under the skin. You may feel it but not be able to see it. That is OK. However, if you can see it, you probably will not like it.

The lumps are more noticeable under thin skin and where there is less tissue thickness to inject into, like tear troughs.  The lumps will eventually go away by themselves, but you can speed up the process somewhat by massaging the lump gently each day, or by having some local anesthetic or saline solution injected into the lump. The anesthetic just keeps it comfortable during the injection, but the liquid helps to separate the particles and flatten the lump. The injections may need to be repeated a few times. Sometimes, injecting additional filler, of the hyaluronic acid type, around the lump helps to hide it.

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Tear Trough


I don't think this will get better on its own... ask your doctor about Hyaluronidase. This can dissolve the juvaderm or restylane.

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3.5 months after radiesse in tear troughs, will these lumps ever go away?

I normally suggest Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane or Belotero for tear troughs, your body will metabolize the filler and the lumps should dissolve but it will take some time and patience 

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Lumpiness in the tear trough post Radiesse injection

Radiesse, an excellent collagen-stimulating filler, composed of Calcium Hydroxylapatite particles suspended in a carrier gel has many indications.  It is widely used for its excellent lifting capacity in the midface area, for the treatment of the nasolabial folds, and for its ability to act almost as an "implant" for the chin area. HOWEVER, this filler is not meant to be used for the tear trough area! At most, I use a drop of Radiesse to "tint" my Restylane syringe in patients, who have a bluish discoloration in the tear trough area to begin with. At that concentration, Radiesse has very little ability to cause a problem.  However, if solely used as a filler material for the tear trough area, it acts as a foreign body in this very thin area of the face.  This property is welcome when we need this foreign body reaction to induce collage production.  However, this reaction becomes quite unpredictable in the tear trough area and unfortunately, about a year, if not more, has to pass prior to the material to disappear and with it, the lump.

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Lumps after Radiesse in tear trough

Radiesse is not an ideal filler for the tear trough because this area is too thin-skinned and Radiesse needs to be placed very deeply. Will your lumps go away? Yes. Will it take a year or more? Most likely. In my opinion, Restylane is the best filler for this area.

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Radiesse is not the ideal filler to the tear trough.
The lumpiness you have will not go away, you may need to wait one year to one year and a half and hope it will go away.
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