Is my right breast healing normally? Breast augmentation. Are these symptoms normal?

22, 110 lbs. B cup prior. High profile 400cc silicone implants placed UTM. 5 days post op and left breast has 0 pain. Right is rock hard swollen. Bottom right side of the breast towards low armpit has constant burning/sharp pains. Can't move right arm & slightest touch is very painful. Went to post op app. & he didn't seem worried about it.

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Post op.

Hello, in the pictures you have a bit more bruising on your right incision... on occasion you can bleed a little around the implant. A small amount of blood can cause more pressure which could lead to differences in post op pain and feelings. If your breast is not changing in size...then even if you did bleed, it has stopped and should absorb with time. I would continue to observe the breast with your PS. Good Luck.

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Early post op BA concerns

Thank you for your question. You are in very early phase of healing. Your pictures suggest you are healing OK. It is not unusual to have that type of symptoms in small frame people and large implants. Your breasts will continue to change in the coming several weeks. Please follow instructions from your PS

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Breast augmentation - worried after 5 days

Thank you for asking about your breast implants.
  • Your photos suggest that you are healing fine.
  • I am sorry the other doctor was so rough with you - that wasn't helpful.
  • You do have large implants on a small frame -
  • You are going to have muscle pain for weeks and weeks -
  • What is unusual is that one side is pain free - that side is doing better than expected.
  • Stay in touch with your surgeon but give yourself a lot more time to heal.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Post operation - Healing normally? - Yes!

Thank you for taking the time to upload post-op photos and ask this question.

I believe your healing process is going well. Asymmetric healing is extremely common and normal. The bruising is expected. With large silicon implants, healing is going to take a little more time than much smaller sizes. The burning sensations and sharp pain are also to be expected shortly after the surgery, these are typical results of the stretched muscle in your chest. The stiffness and irregular shape only days after surgery is also very common and aesthetically becomes much more natural with time as the implants begin to set in.
Remember full healing from any surgery will take up to a year at least. 4 days post operation the implants seem to already be settling and 3 months from now I believe you will be happy with your results. Of course continue to consult with your plastic surgeon for the next several months and I hope he can be of help for you. You can trust your board certified plastic surgeon, but if you need a second opinion please post here again.

Here is a link that will be helpful with post-op recovery information.

Good luck and best wishes.

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Is right breast healing normally

Thanks for your photographs and questions.  It is quite normal at 5 days post operatively to have pain, swelling, tenderness and for one side to feel more painful or tender than the other.  Looks like you are healing well.  Keep in touch with your PS should swelling, pain or redness increase.  Good luck.

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