Will Massage Post Operatively Help Save the Fat or Will It Kill It or Distort the Shape?

What kind of massage is best, lymphatic drainage? Any general light massage to reduce swelling and promote blood supply? Tapotements (Percussion) to really increase blood supply, or that may be to damaging and painful? How soon after is massage recommend or not recommended until? Don't massage just apply post surgical creams, that's massage enough?

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Massage after BBL

Thanks for the great question.  I recommend lymphatic drainage massage to the liposuctioned areas ONLY and I recommend starting 1-2 weeks post-op.  I do not recommend massage of the areas of fat transfer due to fear of disrupting the fat.

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No massage to butt...

I would not recommend massaging the butt itself. I reserve massage for the donor areas where the fat came from. You don't want anyone mashing on the fat post-operatively.


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Simple Massage is Fine

Massage is great to help decrease swelling faster and smooth out irregularities in contour. However, it's important you perform the massage correctly. I recommend you begin massaging the treated area(s) about a week to 10 days after surgery. By this time, you should be less sore. The best massage is simple: just very gently rub a treated area in all directions using your hands applying even pressure. You can also use a very soft paint roller, again rolling in all directions with even pressure. Do it once or twice a day for up to 20 minutes at a time. You can perform this massage when applying your post-surgical creams.
Massage will only cause problems if not performed correctly, so talk to your surgeon to find out the right method for you. They should know the most suitable technique since they're more familiar with your body and expectations.

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