What is the Average Time It Takes to for a BBL and Lipo?

My doctor said the lipo and BBL procedure will only take a couple of hours (lipo of abs, back, flanks and inner thighs)

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How long does it take to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift???

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You will find Great Variation in the time it takes to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The Results will also vary Greatly! 
Liposuction of the areas you list can be done in an hour, in 2 hours, in 4 hours or longer.  Of course if its done in an hour, you will only have a small amount of fat removed from each area.  If 4 or 5 hours of liposuction is performed, you will obviously have more fat removed, which means more sculpting and also means you will have more fat to inject into your buttocks.   

We all use similar liposuction machines and fat only comes out at a specific rate no matter who is using the machine. 
So, yes, the BBL can be done in 2 hours.  You will get 2 hrs of fat removed and 2 hrs worth of fat injected.  If you have 4 hrs of liposuction, you will get 4 hours of fat removed and 4 hours worth of liposuctioned fat injected into your buttocks. 

I have performed hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.  It takes me an average of  6-7 hours and sometimes even longer if you have additional areas of liposuction.  I perform this operation at a local excellent hospital and all of my patients spend the night at the hospital for their safety as well as for the benefit of the survival of their fat cells.  There are many different techniques that are used for this procedure. 

My technique may take longer but is one that I have developed over 15 years and is what I find works best, is safest and provides the most beautiful results.  But, can it be done Quicker?    The question is....  Will the fat survive and Will you be happy with the results? Make sure you see LONG term results of whichever surgeon you choose.  If their patients have excellent results at one year after surgery, then I would trust their technique.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

BBL takes 2 hours to realize in a normal weighted patient

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yes it takes more or less 2 hrs to realize  this procedure, without including, precleaning,anesthesing and  drawing  and preparation time.

we have  excelent equipment integrated to put the suctionated fat and at same time preparation and  injecting  the  autologus graft

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Lipo of the abdomen, back, flanks and inner thighs and fat transfer to the buttock will take atleast 6 hours of surgery to be done right.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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