Masculine Angular Cheekbones with Fillers? (photo)

Through time the fat padding has descended vertically down my face which has puffed up my lower face. I would like my cheeks to be "lifted" back and/plus also possible enhancement of cheek bones via fillers to get back that higher cheekbone look I had before. Also desperately want to avoid a feminized puffed cheek look typical of fillers. Would the masculine angular look be achievable by mainly lateral enhancement of cheekbones? And if so what instructions should I convey to the injector?

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Options to augment cheek bones

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Although cheek augmentation can be accomplished with fillers, implants will provide more prominence.  There are different styles and sizes of cheek implants, and it would be possible to determine which might work best for you during a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon.  Fillers would work if you wanted a more subtle change.    

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Masculine Angular Cheekbones with Fillers?

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 From the photos provide the cheeks are flat, there is excess fatty tissue of the lower face and the chin is weak.  For you to have an angular face similar to the model you provided, cheek augmentation with cheek implants (fillers can work to a lesser extent), chin augmentation with a Chin Implant and facial micro-lipo would be recommended.  In my opinion if you need to provide aesthetic instructions to the MD performing your facial're in the wrong office.  Hope this helps. 

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Cheekbone aging.

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I tell patients such as you that the best way to fill cheek volume is with implants not fillers. This will be so much cheaper over time and look better and have less complications as well IF done by an experienced surgeon. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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