Where can I find a Maryland/D.C. area doctor using laser treatment for blue veins under the eye?

I am a 32-year-old female, and have a blue/green vein that runs very close to the orbital bone under my left eye that has become more prominent with age. I can no longer fully conceal it with makeup, and would like to seek a cosmetic solution rather than a better way to hide it. I am having a tough time location a doctor in my area who does this procedure - likely due to the higher risk involved. Thank you in advance!

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Several websites.

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There are several websites that can direct you to a physician who can treat this problem including phlebology.org, veindirectory.org and veinexperts.org.

Naples General Surgeon

Varicose Veins Under the Eye - Dr Raffy Karmanoukian

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The best doctor for this was just on The Doctors TV Show and since few vein doctors have double board certification - in plastic surgery (Am Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) and venous disesaes (American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine), he would be the one to see. Also, since you are going to pay out of pocket for this (it is not covered by insurance), you might as well see the best physician/surgeon who is known to take care of this problem. See the link below for his video .. 

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