Is there anything to be done with folds/creases under arms after mastectomy?

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After mastectomy there can be issues with folds and crease.  I have personally helped resolve these by being in the operating room after the mastectomy has been done and I have performed the closure to help decrease the amount excess skin issues that could develop.

Arm folds post mastectomy

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I am sorry you are unhappy with your postmastectomy cosmesis - but you absolutely can undergo revision to get the results you want. Get opinions from one or 2 plastic surgeons. Depending upon the issues, resection of redundant skin, liposuction of excess subcutaneous tissue (fat) or other things may be options to improve your look. Mastectomy is traumatic - you deserve to look fabulous. Good luck and take care.

Folds and Creases after Mastectomy

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Thank you for your question. Your concern is a common issue in women who have undergone mastectomy without reconstruction. the folding and rippling can be due to a variety of issues ranging from uneven fat/breast tissue planes causing rippling in the remaining skin/subcutaneous tissue, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue or tissue redundancy. A thorough physical exam and consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon should elicit a specific diagnosis and treatment plan. This is a common problem, but one that has a variety of solutions from fat grafting to revision of scars to reconstruction. Best of luck in your journey!

Rahim Nazerali, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon


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This is a very common issue following mastectomy.  There are several causes but often it is due to an excess skin fold extending around to the back (that was there pre surgery) that is now more obvious after surgery as the breast has been removed.  It can be addressed at the time of reconstruction or as a separate procedure on it's own.  A combination of liposuction & skin excision is often required.  Have a consultation with a Plastic surgeon or return back to your breast surgeon.

Residual deformity under your arms following mastectomy

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Unfortunately this is a common complaint following mastectomy.  I would suggest if you are considering having breast reconstruction that you discuss it with your plastic surgeon.  If not, then address your concerns with your General Surgeon.  Excision of the extra skin folds can usually take care of the problem.  Best wishes 

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Folds following mastectomy

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It is not unusual to notice this excess skin or fatty tissue following mastectomy.  Many times these issues are resolved during reconstruction. If you are not planning on having breast reconstruction, you can have this area worked on after you are completely healed from the mastectomy.  
Besr wishes,
Dr. Marcus Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Mastectomy and creases

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You wold have to show pictures but it is likely related to undermining of the breast fold or lateral axillary folds. Some can be treated by excision, lipo, or even tacking of tissues internally.

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