Would cortisone injection in neck/shoulder cause chest pains & infection 7 month after mastectomy?

Had 4 cortisone shots in neck & shoulder 7 monthS after mastectomy because of arm & shoulder pain. Had severe chest pains for days and got an infection in my breast. Due to injection or coincidental?

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Injections and infection

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If the injection sites were performed with sterile technique no where near your breasts and if you had no symptoms of infection otherwise, probably they did not contribute. 

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Probably not, but...

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Dear jrgrnthmb,

What was the timing between the cortisone shots and chest pains? If you are experiencing chest pain now, you should go to the ER for a chest X-ray and evaluation. This is too potentially serious of an issue to discuss on an online forum. I wish you the best and please follow up.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Zelken, MD
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