How long should headaches last after TT?

I'm about 2wks3days post tt about a week in i notice at least twice a day i would have a mild migraine, Tylenol helps and I have since my surgeon and he says I'm healing great but I forgot to mention headaches. Is this normal? I also had liposuction, lift and breastfeeding Aug 385cc

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Headache two weeks after a tummy tuck

Thanks for your question.  Headaches are not a common symptom 2 weeks after an abdominoplasty.  Common causes of a headache may be dehydration, calorie depletion or reaction to pain medications.  If you are having a headache in the early afternoon you may want to increase your caloric intake.  Speak to you plastic surgeon about your problem.  

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Postoperative headaches are not the direct result of an abdominoplasty.

There our many reasons for headaches. The stress seven operation can trigger headaches and people are susceptible. I would advise you to check with your plastic surgeon to see if there's anything about your daily regimen that might be changed to improve the situation.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Headaches after abdominoplasty

Headaches after body cosmetic surgery should resolve within a few days. Headaches after surgery are usually related to caffeine withdrawal or lingering effects of anesthesia or narcotic pain medications. Of course this is assuming you are eating and drinking fluids well.
If you are prone to migraine type headaches- stress of surgery and the recovery could be acting as a trigger mechanism for your migraines. If this is the situation- refer to your surgeon regarding taking your migraine medications as they could lead to bleeding at the surgical site.
good luck with your recovery!

Michael McNeel, MD, FACS
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Not common

Headaches are not typical after plastic surgery of the body. This could be related to anesthesia, a reaction to narcotic pain medication, neck positioning during a very long surgery or postoperative dehydration. You should drink plenty of water, and if it does not resolve, see your surgeon and possibly your primary care doctor. Rarely headaches can be caused by life threatening conditions that could be coincidental to surgery and unrelated.

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Headache after tummy tuck

It is not normal to have headaches as a result of your tummy tuck.  Are you still taking narcotic pain medication? If so this may explain  the cause of your headaches.  I would discuss this with your surgeon.

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