When Can I Swim After Smart Lipo?

I am scheduled to get Smart Lipo within the next couple of weeks and I am freaking out because I swim every other day. How long after I get Smart Lipo can I get back in the water? My doctor told me once the holes stop leaking, is this true? I do not want to infect the holes.

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No safe

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You should swim until the wounds are completely healed, usually 10-14 days, I tell my patients not to do any heavy exercise for 3 weeks. You could swim and do exercise earlier but it will not be 100% safe.

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No swimming until insertion sites heal after smart lipo

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Regardless of the type of liposuction you get, you should not swim until the wounds actually heal. They might be pseudo-healed by having a scab over them , when they stop leaking, but the swimming could stress the skin around the scab and loosen it and allow that water to enter the wound. It is best to be examined and told by the surgeon that it is ok to resume swimming.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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