I've done CO2 yesterday. When can i start to use sunblock for the face? Can i start a swimming class after a month?

Best way to protect the wound under the sun when swim.

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CO2 post op

It is Best to always follow post procedure instructions given by your Plastic Surgeon to insure the best outcome. Avoid sun exposure for 3 to 4 weeks after treatment. It is advisable to check with Your plastic surgeon and get the clear approval before heading back to the beach or pool.

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CO2 sunscreen and post op care

Your specialist will give you specific instructions. I do not like sunblock until the wound has completely healed. Depending on your skin type, avoid the sun for up to 3-4 weeks. 

Swimming class with SPF 50 after one month should be ok

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I've done CO2 yesterday. When can I start to use sunblock for the face?

It is always best to CLOSELY follow the instructions and recommendations of the treating physician.  The time to begin the safe use of sunscreens depends on the type and intensity of the CO2 laser treatment, the particular sunscreen you are going to use, and how your skin is healing.  In general 4-5 days for lighter treatments, and up to 7-10 days for more intense treatments.   Much will depend on the healing time of you skin, which should be determined by your treating physician.  But the fact that you are thinking about protecting your skin from the sun (which also includes sun avoidance) will be a significant benefit for your overall result.I hope this helps.

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