Is It Normal For Skin To Turn Brown After Co2 Laser for Acne Scars? (photo)

Hello I had laser tx on the 3/7/13 when I woke up the next day I saw a patch of skin that had turned brown and almost looked like a blister popped, is that normal? I do recall when he was doing the tx in that area that it burned a bit, did he go to deep??

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Laser for acne scars

  After resurfacing, your skin will go through a lot of changes in the first 10 days.  This continues for far longer, such as 6-12 months.  It is hard to assess if the doctor went "too deep" on the first day after treatment.  I think you should bring your concerns to the doctor who treated you.  Chances are good that you will be absolutely fine and will be very happy with the results of your treatment.

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Discoloration after laser treatment

It is difficult to answer this question as it is difficult to ascertain your skin color type, the type of co2 utilized- if fractionated,the dosage, the skin preparation for the procedure, the state of your skin prior to the procedure, if your have any predisposition to keloids or other scarring, prior history, etc. People can get some discoloration - usually temporary following CO2 laser particularly if they are skin type 3 or higher. See the dermatologist who performed the procedure to help you through this event. In particular to look at the ' blister or bump on the cheek'. Early intervention may prevent this event from being a long term problem. Good luck!

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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